Spedding Research Solutions SAS

Our year's activities

Since setting up the company starting in 2013 :

- Appointed secretary general of the International Union of Clinical and Preclinical Pharmacology (IUPHAR)
- Three grants obtained
- Electrophysiology Work Package leader in IMI Newmeds initiative (22M€, 5 years) : validation of our concept of the key brain circuits in cognition, stress, psychiatric disorders and control of emotion/violence by context.
- Thirty-one (31) papers/reviews/entries in pubmed 2013-15.
- 12 presentations at conferences, 
- 8 symposia/scientific meetings organised,
- News forward in neuroinflammation, ALS, evolution and metabolism,
- Multiple interactions with biotechs, scientists world-wide
- Several age-wins at 5km Parkruns ...

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